Natural Slate

Marnick Roofing - specialist slate roofing since 2008

Natural Slate is a hard-wearing, watertight and durable roof covering and very much in keeping with the local area. Installing a natural slate roof is a highly skilled job, but using a natural slate is worth the investment especially when fixed correctly will last around 100 years!

Imported slate is a popular choice and Spain is by far the largest exporter — providing nearly 75% of all slate worldwide. Brazilian slate is among the most cost effective natural slate available and its light grey colour is very close to imitating local Cornish Delabole slate.

The UK boasts some of the best slates on the market– including Welsh Slate from the Penrhyn Quarry, Burlington and Westmorland slates from the Lake District, Cornish Delabole slate (dark-grey) and Scottish Ballachulish and Easdale slates.

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