Reclaimed Delabole Slate

Marnick Roofing - an expert roofing company since 2008

Delabole roofing slate is considered the “Rolls-Royce” of slate, world renowned for extreme durability and a service life measured in centuries.

Delabole slate comes exclusively from a slate quarry in north Cornwall. It is reputed to have been operated continuously from the 15th-century making it the oldest working slate quarry in England.

This famous natural roofing slate is still quarried in the traditional way. Hand-made by Cornish craftsmen using skills handed down from father to son for generations.

Because of the traditional crafting methods each roofing slate has a natural and individual finish that ensures your roof will have a real “presence”.

We source our Reclaimed Delabole slate from a number a well-established local reclamation yards or through our extensive re-roofing of older properties. Every slate is checked for quality and suitability for re-fixing on new projects when clients wants both a new roof and the instant visually aged look!

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